"Official Road Warrior"   International Traveling Project Mgr. / Super.

My memories are jewels, my future a chest, Lord  let me fill it before I go.        RJM 1968

"I wonder what my life would have  been like if I had been in the Placebo Group?" 

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of RJ "Bob" Mahaffey , Florida

                  " I wonder what my life would have been like
                           if I had been in the Placibo Group ?"

It is said to "be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it".  Truer words were never spoken.  In 1981 I responded to a request by a friend and found myself in Argentina two months later.  The bug had bitten me and the rest, as they say, "is history".
I have spent one third of my life, living out of a suitcase and it was one heck of a ride.  In as much as I would love to hang it up.....the economy may force me back on the road again.  We are what we are and do what we do.

The COWARDS never started.

The WEAK died along the way.

Only the STRONG survived


States I've worked in.

      Florida                     Georgia             Alabama            Indiana                 Kansas

       Texas                 Tennessee           California            Louisiana               Mississippi

Kentucky                North Carolina                  Ohio      

and hopefully still counting....

 Countries I have worked in
or visited in the proccess

    Bahrain              Aruba            Belize              Brazil        Cayman Islands     Colombia
  Argentina              U.A.E.               Belgium          Canada            Monaco           Denmark
    Bahamas             Sri Lanka             Chile              Ethiopia           Czeck Rep.       Egypt          
        Ireland                 Eritrea                Finland             France            Gibralter
   Djibouti          Greenland        Germany           Greece         Hong Kong      Hungary  
Indonesia     India              Japan                Jordan               Kenya            Kuwait
   Lebanon        Lithuania      Luxembourg      Monaco           Morocco          Oman
    Mexico                    Malaysia           Netherlands    Norway       Nepal       Antilles
   Peru               Pakistan          Poland             Panama          Philippines       Saudi Arabia
   Seychelles            Singapore        Spain              France               Sudan              Sweden
Switzerland      Thailand          Turkey           Taiwan         United Kingdom     Venezuela

 Yemen           Vatican City      Qatar                 Italy            Virgin Islands      Israel 

  Cyprus                    Ghana

and hopfully still counting........

Now, I have never been to Somaliya,but I would like to issue a warning..............
If your a surfer.....beware of Sharks
If you are a pirate.....beware of Seals !

Whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa !!!!

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